At The Farm

Here ‘At The Farm’ we look at exercise a little differently…

We exercise because it’s fun and makes us feel great. We know that the outcome of doing lots of exercise is getting fitter, stronger and losing weight, so we don’t feel the need to involve scales or track calories burned. We work hard, we push ourselves in every session and we always come away smiling. When you’re not pressuring yourself to reach some arbitrary goal or complete a randomly chosen number of reps, you’ll end up really enjoying the exercise that you’re doing. If you don’t follow strict exercise plans, which in our experience are boring and almost impossible to stick to, then you can concentrate on having great workouts every time. As your strength and fitness grows, we will push you harder and further to ensure that you keep feeling the results.


We love to be outside…

Not only does being outside allow you to enjoy the beautiful views, fresh air and smells of the countryside, it is also extremely beneficial to mental health and general wellbeing. Luckily, we are based on a beautiful farm in the heart of Oxfordshire where outside space is in abundance. We like to take things back to basics At The Farm so most of our ‘equipment’ is either completely natural or made from materials found on the farm. We get your body working as it’s meant to be worked, moving and pulling and lifting in ways that the human body was made for.


Getting fit doesn’t have to mean joining a gym…

Leah Maclean is a Health Consultant and Personal Trainer who started Fitness At The Farm after successfully using the farm around her for years to train for triathlons. Lifting logs and rocks, pulling tyres and wild running got her in to shape for a half iron man, so surely it could do the same for others. Leah has since worked with a vast range of clients in group classes and one-to-one sessions and every single person has loved the freedom and challenge of this alternative way of exercising.

No matter what level of fitness you are, if you want to enjoy exercise, then Fitness At The Farm is for you.


Our classes…

Circuits classes involve a range of strength and HIIT training. They are high intensity, full body workouts designed to burn fat, improve cardiorespiratory fitness and grow muscle strength. All exercises can be adapted to accommodate any level of fitness, making each class appropriate for anyone willing to give it a go.

*If you refer a friend and they come again after their first session, you get a class for FREE. All new customers get a FREE taster class. Book your next class today.


Further Info

What you need:
  • Comfortable clothing and trainers. Nothing you mind getting a bit muddy. Layers are practical as it can get chilly but you’ll warm up quickly during the class. A waterproof may be handy if it is raining (we don’t stop class for a little bit of rain or snow).
  • A water bottle.
  • Gloves if you some have but spares can be provided.
Address & Directions:
Collins Farm
Kingston Road
OX13 5NX
  • Coming from Marcham along the A415: the last right-hand turn before you reach Millets Farm Centre
  • Coming from Kingston Bagpuize along the A415: the first left-hand turn after Millets Farm Centre
Enter at the farm entrance and follow the drive all the way down as far as you can go without turning off. It bends round to the right and takes you to the left of the blue/green farmhouse into an open, sandy parking area. Park in this area and to find the class, face down the farm, away from the buildings and you should see the class area on the left next to the black Shepherds Hut.