Welcome to FARM FIT. A unique exercise class encouraging outdoor exercise, suitable for all fitness levels.


FARM FIT is a group exercise class with a difference. If you find the gym a bit uninspiring, sterile or even intimidating, then you’ll love FARM FIT.

Leah Maclean, Health Consultant & Personal Trainer, started FARM FIT as a way of encouraging others to use the environment around them to stay fit and healthy. Outdoor exercise is invigorating, enjoyable and available to everyone.

FARM FIT is a mix of Bootcamp and Circuits methods, set on the beautiful location of Collins Farm, Frilford, using natural materials and equipment found around the farm.

Classes are high intensity, full body workouts designed to improve cardiorespiratory fitness and muscle strength. All exercises can be adapted to accommodate any level of fitness, making the class appropriate for anyone willing to give it a go.

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